Village of Hempstead Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative

Hempstead Anti-Poverty Task Force

Our Vision:

Ensure that children and families in Hempstead have the opportunity to live in a stable environment where the promise of economic mobility is a reality.

Our Goal:

Promote community-led change by building a task force consisting of:

  • Individuals impacted by and living in poverty;
  • Local social service districts;
  • Local school districts and other educational organizations;
  • Not for profit and faith-based organizations;
  • Employers;
  • Workforce services entities;
  • Economic development organizations;
  • Public safety officials;
  • Local, county, state governments; and
  • Health services providers.
Facts about ESPRI:

The Village of Hempstead was selected as one of 16 communities statewide to participate in the Empire State Poverty Reduction Intiative (ESPRI)

  • ESPRI is modeled after the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative and is an exciting opportunity for community members to work together to develop and execute an innovative plan to reduce the number/percentage of households residing in poverty and increase the number/percentage of households with earned income above poverty.
  • The Village of Hempstead will establish an anti-poverty task force to identify common issues that significantly contribute to individuals living in poverty and develop recommended interventions to address these issues.
  • United Way of Long Island was selected by the Village of Hempstead as the organization to lead this effort and assist the Village in assembling the task force because of its long history of commitment to the Village and experience in community planning.


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