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Help change the blueprint for residents in Hempstead Village living in poverty

Education and Child Development

Within this workgroup, we will explore the following issues and programs:   K – 12 Education, improving graduation rates, mentoring programs, exemplary programs in the school system, unaccompanied minors, infant and early childhood development.

Social Supports/Systems Redesign

This workgroup will review public policies in relation to individuals impacted by poverty and advocate for innovative approaches to social services systems redesign in the areas of Housing, Childcare, Food and Nutrition, Transportation and Benefit Programs.

Workforce Development/Job & Career Development

This workgroup will look at current and prospective vocational training programs, mentoring and internship programs, college and career readiness and apprentice programs.

Justice System

This workgroup will review current Youth and Adult incarceration rates and programs and look at best practices in alternatives to incarceration, re-entry programs, gang prevention, safe neighborhoods and investment of forfeiture dollars.

Health and Wellness

Workgroup will examine the issues of Mental Health, Diet and Nutrition, chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Diabetes and Hypertension, Teen Pregnancy/Birth Rates as barriers for persons impacted by poverty and make recommendations for enhanced programs and services in the community.

Economic Development

This workgroup will look at the current and future state of Hempstead Village in the areas of Business Development, Small Business Ownership, Entrepreneurship, and Individual and Family Financial Literacy.

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